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Feet in Motion is a leading foot and wellbeing healthcare brand providing clients with the highest quality of clinical treatment for feet and body. Offering a fusion of health and beauty, Feet in Motion provides bespoke treatments for your feet, hands, nails and body we can help you feel better, move better and feel fabulous.


Working alongside registered Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) therapists, experienced nail technicians and massage and beauty therapists we aim to provide a comprehensive care service for people of all ages.


Our Feet in Motion clinics are fully equipped to perform most body beauty treatments, specialising in manicures and pedicures and foot health.


Our podiatrists and foot health practitioners provide all healthcare for the feet and foot conditions including toenail cutting, corn and callus reduction or removal, management of ingrowing toenails, footwear advice, advice on general foot health and advice for hard thickened nails.


 Our contemporary clinics are equipped with the latest 3D foot scanning technology and  rehabilitation equipment, allowing our staff to examine the way you walk and how you distribute weight across the foot which can explain why foot and heel pain, back or knee pain can be recurring in some people. Getting to the root of your pain is our priority.


 We offer both clinic and home-based treatment programs throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Our podiatrists and foot care practitioners are expert at working sensitively with clients and giving you a treatment you deserve.


Whether you are struggling to get to your feet for basic foot care and nail cutting, have diabetes, need a foot analysis to get to the bottom of why you suffer knee pain or back pain or simply looking to get the most out of your body and pamper yourself, please get in touch to discuss how Feet in Motion can help you restore your enhance your quality of life.


At Feet In Motion, we will:


  • Listen to your needs, health history and objectives for recovery


  • Communicate your bespoke treatment options, based upon what you want to achieve


  • Thoroughly discuss your treatment plan and review your progress at regular intervals.


  • Provide you with practical advice, so you can help yourself.


  • Concentrate on delivering results that last, and aim to prevent


Please call your local Feet in Motion practice for more information.

Our Services


We provide a number of services to suit you, please click a treatment below for more information.

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